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The Town of Virden and RM of Wallace-Woodworth formed a joint Tourism Board in the summer of 2019. The objective of the board as defined in the terms of reference is:

 "The Tourism Board will strive to stimulate and encourage the development of local tourism efforts within the Town of Virden and RM of Wallace-Woodworth. The Board is responsible for identifying strategic priorities and ensuring that there is an alignment between these and those of various other local partners and as well as our regional partners.   The Board is to guide and advise Councils in the development and implementation of Tourism"

By resolution the joint board branded themselves as Prairie Gateway Tourism, an official launch of this brand and further Tourism efforts is scheduled for 2020. 

The Tourism Board is comprised of the following:

Town of Virden Council Member: Tara Cowan
RM of Wallace-Woodworth Council Member: Mark Humphries
Member of Elkhorn Chamber of Commerce: Samantha Cluett
Member of Virden Chamber of Commerce: Carla Mclean
Community member at large RM of Wallace-Woodworth: Wenda Paton
Community member at large Rm of Wallace-Woodworth: Lisa Hemrica
Community member at large Town of Virden: Tiffany Cameron
Community member at large Town of Virden: Kelvon Smith

For more information about Prairie Gateway Tourism please contact
Town of Virden Economic Development Manager - 

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