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Utilities Manager
Michael French
(204) 748-2440

After Hours Emergency 
  (204) 851-5540

Submit a Water Meter Read 

Water meter reading and subsequent billing take place every 3 months.

Water Meter Reading Periods:

The Public Utilities Board, by virtue of Order No. 118/20, has approved the water and wastewater rates as applied for by the Town of Virden (Town), Virden Water and Wastewater Utility (Utility) and varies the effective dates to November 1, 2020, February 1, 2021, and February 1, 2022.

The approved rates are as follows:


November 1, 2020

February 1, 2021

February 1, 2022

Quarterly Service Charge




Water (per 1,000 gallons) – First 100,000 gallons




Water (per 1,000 gallons) – Over 100,000 gallons




Wastewater (per 1,000 gallons)




Minimum Quarterly Charge*




Bulk Water (per 1,000 gallons) – First 500 gallons




Bulk Water (per 1,000 gallons) – Over 500 gallons




Hydrant Rentals




Reconnection – During Work Hours




Reconnection – Outside Work Hours




Meter Testing Deposit




*Based on 3,000 gallons

An additional rate rider of $2.52 per 1,000 gallons will be charged for a period of five years beginning November 1, 2020, for debt recovery of $921,355.00, or until such time as the deficit is recovered, whichever comes first.

For further information please review Town of Virden By-Law No. 2776, available at the Town Office.

The Town of Virden provides these reports to its ratepayers as an overview of the water treatment facility's current status. If you have any comments or concerns, please call the town office during business hours, and we will attempt to answer any questions you may have. For a complete list of all test results, records are available at the office. To view our most recent report, please click the link below:

2023 Annual Drinking Water Report

Water Supply

Source: 2 Groundwater wells
Pumping Capacity - 650 gpm each
Current Volumes - 740 gpm total
Over Capacity - 560 gpm

Water Treatment

Treatment Process
Reverse Osmosis
pH Adjustment
Sequestering Agent  

System Capacity - 293 gpm
Current Consumption - 173 gpm
Over Capacity - 120 gpm

Click here to see Certificate of Analysis April 2021

Click here to see Arsenic Test Result April 2021

Wastewater Treatment Process

Grit Removal
Activated Sludge Treatment
Sludge Dewatering
UV Disinfection
System Capacity - approx. 3600 M3/D
Average Daily Volumes - approx.2000 M3/D

Bulk Water is available at the water treatment plant through an automatic dispensing system utilizing tokens issued by the Town of Virden. Tokens may be purchased from the Town of Virden Office during regular business hours and cost $6.00 for a 500-gallon token.

Line locates are available through Click Before You Dig, by emailing, or by calling the Town Office during regular business hours at (204) 748-2440.

If you turn on your taps and have no water, it could simply be that the pipes in your home are frozen, rather than your service line. You may want to contact a licensed plumber for assistance. Click here for steps to take if you would like to try and thaw indoor pipes yourself, as well as precautions you should be aware of to protect your home.

Water Line Freeze Policy

Water Line Freeze Waiver of Liability

In any Town, private and public drainage systems work together to channel and move sanitary and storm water safely away from homes. The private system (eg. a home) is the responsibility of residential and commercial property owners. The public system is owned and operated by the municipality. Various servicing scenarios exist, and each property has unique connection requirements based on the available drainage system in the area. The municipality typically operates sanitary and storm systems, but the private owner plays an integral role in what enters each system. 

For further information, please click here.

Please note that the following items do not break down in water and could compromise the Town sewer system:

  • Wipes 
  • Paper Towel
  • Sanitary Products
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Cleaning Rags 

We ask that residents refrain from flushing these items, even if labelled flushable, to help keep our sewer system working.