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Business Licenses

All individuals and businesses conducting business-related activities in the Town of Virden require a business license.

Town of Virden By-Law No. 2529 - Business License By-Law s(1):

That for the purposes of this by-law, "business" shall be defined as any commercial, merchandising or industrial activity or undertaking, profession, trade, occupation or calling whether or not it is carried on continuously or on an intermittent or one time basis however organized or formed, and whether or not the person carrying on the business has an established place of business within the municipality, and includes a cooperative and an association of persons.

Business licenses are in effect for the calendar year they are purchased. Please note that it is an offence to carry on business in the Town of Virden without a valid Business License.

Application & Fees

Business License forms are available below and in the Town Office. Please submit completed forms to the Town Office, or via email to

Business License Application

The following are the fees required for a Town of Virden Business License required under By-Law No. 2529:

Wallace, Pipestone, Woodworth, Sifton, Oak Lake & Elkhorn$100.00

Payments are accepted via cheque, cash, debit, or E-Transfer. Credit card payments are not accepted. Please contact the Town of Virden Office for more information.

No Longer in Business

Please advise the office in writing or via email to if you are no longer carrying on business in the Town of Virden, or if you have transferred ownership of the subject business.