Animal Control
Animal Control within the Town of Virden is regulated by By-Law No. 2614 and is enforced by Animal Control Officers Maxine Litton and Frank Van Den Hoek.
The Town of Virden requires that all cats and dogs over the age of six months be licensed as per By-Law No. 2614. Fees are as follows and are due January 1st of each year:

License Fees (Annual) – and Related Changes

For each spayed female or neutered male dog or cat $ 5.00

For each male dog or cat $ 10.00

For each female dog or cat $ 10.00


Pursuant to section 5(1) of Town of Virden By-Law No. 2614:

            Animals not to run at large

5(1) Except when permitted by a municipal by-law passed in accordance with The Municipal Act, or a by-law of a local government district passed in accordance with The Local Governments Districts Act, no owner or person in charge of an animal shall allow it to run at large.

Animal Control Officers can be reached at (204)851-1001.  For more information regarding Town of Virden Animal Control, please refer to By-Law No. 2614 which can be found on our website in Files & Documents under the Government heading.