Community Events

Cancellation of Ice Time:


All cancellations of ice time must be done in writing (e-mail) to the Community Events Manager. This email must come from the recognized representative from each User Group or Organization.


The following conditions shall apply for cancellations:


1.            Seven (7) working days (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm) advance written notice on all cancellations of regular ice time. Tournaments -or- Special Events are subject to different conditions as addressed in this policy.

2.            If less than seven (7) days advance written notice is given, the User Group cancelling the ice shall be charged for the ice time at the current rental rate that is in effect for the time slot. Exceptions may be made in cases of inclement weather (on storm days, if booked ice is in fact used by the intended user group, it must still be paid for) and seasonal playoffs.