Community Marketing
The office is responsible for developing and implementing a community marketing strategy.  This includes both internal and external components.  It includes print and electronic marketing materials, IT tools, signage, special events development and community image development.

Investment Attraction
Investment attraction strategies are inclusive of community marketing initiatives.  Investment attraction strategies will focus on community economic strengths which includes natural resource extraction, agriculture and service industries.

Corporate Aftercare
Corporate aftercare services includes assistance in obtaining approvals, site selection, community liaison and initial project development activities. 

New Opportunity Identification
Research is continually being undertaken to discover and assess new business opportunities for the Town of Virden and surrounding region.  New business research will focus on existing regional and community strengths. Research will also be undertaken on new frontier industries.   The application of new technologies is seen as fundamental to developing and or maintaining competitive advantages in all industry sectors.  In addition, industry clustering opportunities built upon existing community and regional strengths are being pursued.