Economic Development
A Big Thank You Goes To:
JEPP (Joint Emergency Preparedness Program) for their $5,000 donation towards  Emergency Operation Centre Equipment. This equipment will help ensure prompt and coordinated responses to potential emergencies in Virden and the surrounding areas.
Economic Development Department
The position of Economic Development Manager was established in early 2006 and the position was filled in March of that year.  While the office is still evolving, it is directed principally by the Town of Virden's 2007 Strategic Plan.

Economic Development Fundamentals

The foundation of any economic development program is based upon access to the following 6 building blocks:
  • Access to infrastructure and raw products

  • Access to skilled human resources

  • Access to financial capital

  • Access to markets (physical, economic and regulatory access)

  • Access to market intelligence

  • Access to technology (and technology transfer)

Inherent in access to skilled human resources are access to quality of life factors such as housing, education, healthcare, social and cultural capabilities

The lack of access to any of these building blocks diminishes the communities capability to successfully develop economically.  These building blocks may also be accessed by way of partnerships or external investment.

It is the goal of the department to be fully competent in all 6 areas by way of internal capability or closely aligned external partnerships.