Four Season's Island Resort

Located approximately 15 miles to the southeast of Virden is Oak lake Beach and Four Season's Island Resort. Further information about Four Season's Island resort can be obtained by going to the below website or by contacting 855-2307.

Four Season's Golf Course
A developed 18 hole golf course.

Seasonal and occasional camping spots are available.  Fully serviced seasonal camping spots are available including on site wastewater lines.

Cottage and Condo Development
The resort includes a cottage development area and a new proposed condo development area.

Water and Lake Sports
Oak Lake is known locally for it’s summer and winter fishing activities. Fish populations are enhanced through the use of a large aeration system during the winter months. The lake also provides water sport enthusiasts a location for water skiing and jet boating.

Campground Facilities

Lion’s Campground

The Lion’s Campground is located on Provincial Road 257, across from Virden Collegiate.  There are a total of 32 fully serviced sites and 15 partially serviced sites.  In addition there is a separate tenting area. The campground is also equipped with modern handicap accessible washrooms and showers.  For further information and to make a reservation, please call 851-1371.      

Eternal Springs

Eternal Springs is located 7 miles directly east of Virden and includes 2 small stocked trout ponds, a 66 foot swinging bridge, BBQ pits, hiking trails and day use picnic areas.  The site is maintained by local volunteers.

Aspen Grove

Located 9 miles east of Virden, Aspen Grove campground offers a heated swimming pool, Laundromat, C-Store, min-golf, washrooms/ showers and serviced camp sites.  Additional information or reservations can be made by calling 855-2260.

winter # 204-727-7289
summer # 204-855-2260