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Virden Indoor Rodeo
Virden is widely known for it's "Virden Indoor Rodeo and Wild West Daze".  This event, held in late August, attracts cowboys and visitors from a large surrounding area.
The whole community becomes involved hosting downtown promotional events, a demolition derby, team roping, pet shows, a parade, the rodeo dance and of course, an M.R.C.A. (Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Association) and C.C.A. (Canadian Cowboys Association) approved rodeo and High School rodeo.
In 2000, 2001, and 2002, the Virden rodeo was declared top rodeo by the M.R.C.A. cowboys and cowgirls. In 2003, the M.R.C.A. finals were held in Virden rather than the regular rodeo.  Aleaha Moore, originally from Virden was crowned Miss Rodeo Canada for 2006.

Virden Regional Airshow
Virden has hosted two airshows in the past.  The 2006 airshow include performances by the Canadian Armed Forces "Snowbirds" precision flying team as well as several aerobatic performers.
While no firm schedule has been established, options are being discussed to make this a bi-annual event.

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Community Tours

Vendor Supplied Tours
Privately operated heritage walking tours are available by contacting Kel Smith at 204-748-3321
Limo heritage tours are available by contacting Virden Taxi at 204-748-2920

External Tours
Assistance for large tour groups and for business tours can be accessed by contacting the Town of Virden's Economic Development Manager at 204-748-2440