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Date: Jan 18, 2020

Title: MTC Regional Tour

Times: 7:30PM to 10:30PM

Description: The town is so small it only has one Tim Hortons. But community-minded Marlene is determined to “diversify” the curling club. She enlists four newcomers to learn the game but when she breaks her hip, it’s up to her politically incorrect ex-husband Stuart to step in. Things start off badly and get worse. Stuart doesn’t think the new Canadians can hack it and they have bigger worries than mastering this bizarre sport. With team unity on the rocks, time is running out. Will they be able to sweep aside their problems to compete in the Highland Cup? Hurry hard to the theatre to find out! Tickets on sale August 21! Adults: $20 12 and under: $10 (204) 748-3014